Monday, July 6, 2009

A great update to start the week

Our girl is holding strong as we start the new week. She was taken out of the roto bed and is now in a regular bed. The left chest tube is almost ready to be removed and hopefully the right one follows soon. Once the tubes are out, they will hopefully lower the PEEPs again. She's holding her oxygen between 94 and 96 without the help of the bed, which is a big imprvement. They will likely wait for the vent to be down to 30% before removing the ventilator.


  1. Great news....I went to an estate sale and you know how Elena loves hats and vintage items. I bougnt her one and cannot wait to give it to her because she will be with us again SOON!!!!!!!!!!! I know it!!!!!!!!

  2. This was great news to see as soon as I logged on for my daily Elena fix! Thank you so much for posting it and keeping us all so involved in her steady climb uphill. My thoughts and prayers remain with our girl every single day.

    Jen 2 loves you, Elena!