Wednesday, July 15, 2009

July 14 = Day 26

From Ron:
Today started hard but ended up OK.

They were able to break Elena's fever from yesterday but in the process she paid a price. With the fear of infection so high the doctors started making changes in her antibiotics as well as removing the main line in her femoral artery. Elena would have great difficulty fighting anew infection at this time. This brought on a need for two additional IV's to handle the new medications. This morning they installed a new main line in her neck. At the same time they needed to take X-rays and run more tests. With all of the hands on treatment Elena began a downward cycle and her O2 saturation levels dropped down to the low 60's, the lowest they've been in a couple of weeks. This required they switch back to forced ventilation which stressed Elena even more. When they were finally able to let her rest her levels began to recover but were still below acceptable levels.

In the late afternoon her primary Doctor began working her ventilator and was able to put her back on volume ventilation and raise her O2 saturation back to 90. Because installing a tracheotomy will require taking her off of ventilation for a short period they are stalling this move as long as possible and it will now most likely happen in her room as opposed to the OR. We are hoping and praying that she will have a very peaceful and restful night and will get back on track with gaining the strength she needs to move forward.

There is no question that Elena is in there fighting hard. There is also no question that God is hard at work and your prayers are working so please keep them coming.


  1. Elena - Mike and I were just talking about you today and wanted you to know that you are continually in our thoughts and prayers. You are such a strong individual and we are all pulling for you.

    Big hug - until we can give you one!

    Jen Russell and Mike Rohloff

  2. I was so anxious to read your update as Brian had told me that Elena was having a rough start to her day. Hopefully her night was restful. Thoughts and prayers continue. Family and friends ask about her all the time---there are many who truly care.