Sunday, July 26, 2009

July 26th

From Ron:
Apologies to everyone for the lack of information over the last few days.

In the form of an update we were finally able to move Elena to JMH Thursday night at 11:30pm. It ended up being a marathon day for all of us as we started at the hospital at 7:00am and didn't return home until 3:00am on Friday. While we were able to get a bed assigned we were unable to get a Doctor with admitting privileges that would agree to have Elena admitted. Mary made some calls and arranged for the transfer.

At the time of the transfer the ambulance was supposed to be equipped with all of the equipment needed to keep Elena stable. Once Elena was transfered to the ambulance they found that the ventilator couldn't handle her needs and they had to manually ventilate her for the 30 minutes it took to get her to JMH.

I'd like to comment on one of Elena's Doctors from Kendal Regional Hospital. His name is Jorge Yadskan and he is the Chief Intensivest. In the very early days we called him Doctor Doom. This was for two reasons, the first was because he was brutally honest at how low Elena's chances were, the other reason was because we couldn't pronounce his name. It became a term of endearment as we came to respect his medical skills and the respect he showed for us and Elena. No matter what happens I will always have a special place in my heart. Doctor Doom came in on his own time to supervise and accompany Elena during the transfer and he was the one who did most of the manual ventilation. This is about the most committed and dedicated healer I have ever seen or heard of.

When Elena arrived at JMH her numbers were actually better than when she left Kendal so we left for home.

On Friday we returned to JMH for the first visitation of the day at 11:30am. When we called the desk they asked if we could wait 20 minutes. That turned into 90 minutes when the nurse came out and escorted us in. Elena was in the worst condition she had been in since June 21st when she almost died. Her Doctors took the family aside and told us that she had very little time to live and that we should say our goodbye's. I don't think I need to explain how devastated we were but we made our calls and over 20 people showed up at the hospital.

In the early afternoon I started to see that Elena was improving all of her important numbers and by the end of the evening she was nearing her norm. By Saturday morning Elena was back at pre-move strength. Her sister Melissa arrived yesterday and I can tell you as a father what a comfort it is to have her here. It's now Sunday and she is holding her own. Melissa is spending the day with her and giving Laura and I a day to rest and get ready for tomorrow where we plan on meeting with her doctors to see if there is anything that can be done. She is still in extremely grave condition but if she can gain any strength there is still a chance that she may be able to get strong enough to go through one or another of the treatments that are available at JMH.

I'm sure that you will all understand how hard this is on all of us, and all of you that are following her progress. Regardless of what the Doc's say Elena is showing that she is not ready to leave us. Please keep praying.

The Walters


  1. First time I learned about Elena was on Friday, through a distant friend of mine, whom posted a comment on Facebook asking everyone for their prayers. Since then, I have told everyone I know and have included her in my thoughts and prayers. As a parent, I could only imagine what you all must be going through. I believe in the power of prayer and know that she has a lot of people praying for her recovery. Although I personally do not know Elena, I firmly believe that she will recover from this and that you will be enjoying her once again in the very near future.

    Praying for her recovery.

    The Gonzalez Family.

  2. NO apologies needed!!! i have been spreading the info as best i can. I just cant believe with all the planning , the hiccup in the ambulance. thank God for the doctor and his caring way to take care of her while enroute! I am believing she will turn the corner towards recovery. She is a fighter and has the strength of her youth and prayers from so many. My love to all

  3. You all must feel exhasution---physical, mental and emotional. Praying that the doctor's were wrong and that your little girl will continue to amaze us all.

  4. I find it so difficult to comment as I know that the events of the past few days have been so very hard on the family. I will say that thoughts and prayers are with you all daily. Thank you for the update.

  5. To The Walters Family:
    I and everyone I know are praying with our heart and soul for beautiful ELENA. Also your strength and courage is more than admirable. Thank you during these incredibably difficult times to take the time to keep us informed... God Bless all of you!!!!!!!!!! And of course and Elena....

  6. Dear Walters family. This is Cleveland Harrity, a good friend of elena threw hight school and after. I was just informed on elena's condition tonight. I am so sorry to hear. I have read every word on this blog and will continue to do so. Elena is such a strong woman I have faith she will keep fighting and pull threw this. My thoughts and prayers are with Elena and the family. "stay strong Elena"

  7. I heard about this and I wanted you to know that you have this stranger thinking of you and hoping for the best for you all.

  8. My entire family and I are praying for Elena daily. We're also praying for you Ron - and your family. We can't even imagine how difficult this is for you. May God's peace and healing presence be with you all.

  9. I can honestly say I know exactly what you are going through-a friend of a friend gave this blog to me. My sister is cuurently sick with the same thing. We will never know what caused this but now we deal with all the complications related to her ARDS. When I read the blogs you post it is very similar to our family. You may want to ask her new Dr's about an oscillating vent. This is a vent which provides @ 300 breaths/min. Since my sister was placed on this her oxygen demand has decreased and her gases are better. It is not for everyone but may help if she is a candidate. I wish you and your family the best and wishing for this horrible roller coaster ride for your family and mine to stop

  10. I am sorry to hear of Elena's condition since the transfer. All along, I have been passing her information on, and Elena and your family have been in all of our prayers every day. What's happened since her move to JMH proves that she is a fighter and like you said, shows that she is not ready to leave. Can't wait for the day you all can see that smile on her face again. Our Love and prayers to you all.

    Jason Fry

  11. Hi Walters Family,

    I'm going to be in town Thursday night and want to visit Elena? Is the hostipal allowing visitors?


  12. Giving up on the prayers is NOT an option. Elena is one of the strongest, most vivacious, energetic, life-loving individuals I have ever had the pleasure of calling my friend. If anyone can pull through something like this, it is her. It has become clear through these past 5+ weeks that the power of prayer is an immeasurable thing, especially coupled with the drive Elena has to pull through.

    Please know that so many people's thoughts, prayers, and love are with Elena and the Walters family every minute of every day.

    Thank you for your strength and commitment to updating all of us. It is evident where Elena gets HER strength from.

    I love you, Elena. Keep fighting the fight.

  13. Elena, Our thoughts and prayers are with you now you sweet beautiful girl. God will make you strong again and everyone will be able to see your beautiful smile. We love you and our entire hearts are with you and your family.

  14. We just heard about Elena, we will both pray for her. We love you and know you will beat this.
    Andrea & Matt

  15. Our deepest thoughts and prayers go out to Elena. She has been a great friend for years for Andrea and myself and I love her dearly. We will continue to follow her progress and we have the highest hopes for her quick recovery. Love her.

    Matt Banzin and Andrea Colella