Thursday, July 2, 2009

A note from Mike - Elena's boyfriend

Hello everyone. I'd like to thank everyone who is taking the time to read this. Thank you all so much for your prayers, love, compassion and for your words of encouragement. Prayer chains and well wishes have come from as far as Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy, Canada, Switzerland and many US states including Michigan, North Carolina, New Mexico, California, New York, New Jersey and many more. I am truly overwhelmed. It is unbelievable that in a time as difficult as this, we have been shown the very best of the human spirit of caring and compassion. I am most excited to share this with Elena when she wakes up. I can't wait to see the smile on her face when she finds out how many people all around the world care for her and her well being! God knows if anyone in this world deserves it, it's her.

To say that Elena is an extraordinary woman is not nearly saying enough. And to those of you who don't know Elena in person, I hope you get the opportunity to meet her very soon. Just like they say about the seven wonders of the world, her smile is something you should be lucky enough to experience in person. I take comfort in knowing that thanks to Elena's strength, a very caring nursing and medical staff, and the will of God I will soon be able to look into her beautiful green eyes and tell her over and over again how much I love her.

And now I'd like to update all of you on her condition. Although we still have a ways to go, today was a good day and she made some significant improvements. Some of the parameters on her ventilator were reduced (this is a good thing). The bed is rotating a bit more frequently and she has been able to hold her oxygen saturation at a high level. Please keep praying and sending out love and positive energy. It's truly helping.

Numbers as of today's last visit.
Vent - 70%, PEEP - 17, Saturation - 96

MIKE (or as she calls me, Crinkle)


  1. It feels like I've been on the coaster with you guys..Our thoughts and prayers are with you! Can't wait to see you both in NYC this Christmas!!--Porro

  2. They are people in France and in Venezuela also praying for her. She is going to be ok very soon.

  3. Hola mi primo, no sabes cuànto me alegro q todo vaya mejorando, no dejo de pensar en ustedes. Ella es bella, joven y fuerte y se recuperarà, ya lo veràs, todos tenemos esa fe y esa seguridad, y todo eso se resume a una gran positividad q es algo muy poderoso. Seguiremos orando y espero en mi próxima visita a Miami, poder conocer a nuestra querida Elena en persona, así serà. Mis pensamientos y buenas energías estàn con ustedes siempre. Los queremos mucho. Un gran abrazo y millones de besos de tus primos Annabel Díaz Gil y Rik Van Rie, desde Bèlgica.

  4. Hang in there, Mike. Elena is very lucky to have you there by her side every single day. Thanks for loving my friend the way you do.

  5. *Rough Translation from Anonymous on July 2, 2009 3:08 PM***Translation follows***
    Hi my cousin not know how much I'm glad everything is improving, I'm thinking about you. She is beautiful, young and strong and will recover, and you'll see, we all have such faith and such security, and all that summarized a large positive q is very powerful. We will pray and hope my next visit to Miami, to meet our beloved Elena in person, so be it. My best thoughts and energies are with you always. We love you very much. A big hug and million kisses from your cousin Annabel Gil Diaz and Rik Van Rie, from Belgium

  6. Mike,
    I didn't know Elena,but I know you. And from the pictures I've seen and things you've written. I know that you loved her very much. Without even knowing her, I liked your Layla. It breaks my heart to have learned what happened. My condolences to you and those closes to her. Katia

  7. hell everyone. name is kaylee. im carissas sister. i knew elena since i was a little girl. i miss seeing her and jannet and my sister all laugh and be idiots, i know shes dancing with jesus. when she was over she always talked to me and helped me out with jobs.. she was one of the coolest crazy wild girls i have ever met and i cant help but cry when i dont see those 3 girls together. my prayers go out to all of you. God bless